These boxes are the same color

This is the same thing that happens when you are picking out paint in the paint store, then you take it home.

Some people find a way

Hi name is Huang Guofu. He lost his arms in an accident when he was 4 years old. At 12 he taught himself to paint with his feet. At 18 he left school to create and sell paintings on the street to pay for his sick father’s treatments. He taught himself to paint with his […]

Worm Blower

Flat worms got you down?  Nightcrawlers lost their plump?  Your fishing buddies need a shot in the butt!  That’s right, instantly give your Aporrectodea some extra body and buoyancy.  Just remove the little red cap, insert the needle in the end of your tubular friend and squeeze!  Now he looks happier, more juicy, it […]

Exercise your brain

I have seen this one on the interwebs a few times. I don’t know if I buy the pre-schooler claim. It could be that it took me way more than 5 min to figure it out and I am just bitter. If your brain overheats trying to figure it out, go to Google image search […]

Stove – there’s an app for that


This is what you get when you mix an Android phone with a stove and add 10 years. It’s a very cool concept. Most industries (with the exception of car companies) don’t go to the trouble and expense of producing concepts to show the general public. Electrolux is showing some leadership putting things like […]


it stands for Near field communication. Now don’t get that glazed look in your eyes. I am giving you a tip here that will impress your friends, make you look smarter and get you elected to the board of some lemonade stand startup. In the simplest terms NFC is this – two way communication between 2 devices that are very close to each other. […]

Banned by the NBA

So the NBA is on strike, or locked out or . . . . yelling at each other about money. I can’t say I care much. The NBA games over the years have deteriorated into spoiled super athletes who run down the court (notice I didn’t say up and down) and shoot, maybe dunk. If […]

The Secret of the Mysterious Bread Tags Revealed!

Today I will reveal to you the secret and ancient key to fresh bread. You know when you are standing in the bread isle squeezing all those loves of bread? You want only the softest, squishiest Wonder-bread for your PB&J. Or perhaps you are seeking whole grain nirvana for your toast. What you are really […]

You Take the Good with the Bad

Sean Connery was my favorite James Bond. He is a man’s man. Rugged good looks, a Scottish accent and an air of unpretentious confidence, Connery is good at playing the Alpha Male. He is one of the most recognizable men in the world. I bet he has had a pretty good life. But . […]

Maybe you should dig out that camera of yours

Here is an over simplified explanation of HDR: Imagine that the full range of color and intensity in the world goes from 0 – 100. Our eyes see most of it but not all of it, maybe values 20-85. A photograph (and print or display on a computer) is less than that, for arguments sake, lets say between 35-60. This is one of the reasons a photo can’t fully express a sunset or light streaming through a stained glass window, we see the values between 20-85 (and feel even more than that) but the photo we take only shows the middle 35-60 colors and intensities. An HDR photo turns up the colors and intensities (light and dark) to 11. It artificially boosts the photo. If done poorly the photo just looks overblown and garish, if done well it can actually come closer to the “real” feeling you had when you saw it in person. Of course, first you have to be a good photographer then you have to become an HDR […]