Robots are taking over

One of my robot action figures I have been making just for fun

. . . my time that is.


It’s been pretty dead on this site. I have been preoccupied mostly by robots. My other interests such as kayak fishing and writing witty and timely commentaries online have been neglected.

Robotics are […]

“no one’s going to buy that” – Steve Jobs

In June of 2010 Apple was rolling out their iPhone 4. Samsung released the Galaxy S and Motorola had the Droid X. In the Q&A session at the Apple announcement they were talking about “antenna-gate” and the new iPhone. Someone asked the question “shouldn’t Apple be making a larger phone?”. To which Steve Jobs replied […]

Kickstarter Project evolution

I talked about Kickstarter and crowd sourcing a couple of years ago on this site, the idea of a group of people contributing to an effort just for the satisfaction. Kickstarter is a web site that has taken it a step farther. Kickstarted got started to fund artistic projects like plays and art exhibitions but […]

A couple specific CES products

I was asked specifically about 2 products that were shown at CES. Here is a quick summary of what they are and a few observations.


The first is from a company called Cogito. This is a 2nd generation offering. They take the position that a smartwarch should be an accessory to your phone not […]

CES 3D Printing (part 4)

Today we are going to talk about one of those trends that could really change how things are done in our world – 3D printing. You can’t really draw a good picture of exactly how it will change the world because if a technology is truly disruptive it creates so many changes so fast that […]

CES TV News (Part 3)

CES 2014 Trends and analysis, connected babies and curved TV screens […]

CES News Translation (part 2)

CES 2014 trend, 4K TVs Think of a painting made only of dots. A 1080 dot painting is going to look better (unless you are into modern art) than a 200 dot painting. Problem is, sooner or later you are going to stop worrying about the dots and only focus on the lady in the picture and wonder why she is smiling like that. […]

I will be your CES News Translator (part 1)

CES – Consumer Electronics Show

If it runs on electricity or batteries and an individual might buy it, it’s at CES. Also, if it attaches to one of these gizmos, it too will probably be represented at the show.

I know you didn’t ask for a CES news translator and it’s a fair question to […]

There is an app for that

This phrase has come and gone.  It went from a hugely successful catchphrase to”duh, that’s so obvious” it goes without saying.  I think this was one of those really big shifts (notice I didn’t use the term pyridine shift because I don’t want to be considered one of those people).  It’s one of those changes […]

Let me tell you about small speakers

I love audio electronics and speakers are near the top of that list. I spent all of the very first money I earned to buy audio equipment. I had that equipment for over 20 years. I buy pretty good stuff, never the top of the line but it always sounds good. Of course you […]