Cheese Dip – The National Food of Arkansas

Where to start? OK, I have this fantasy of traveling from here to there with the sole purpose of eating and acquiring food. Where is “there” you ask? I haven’t decided yet but I suspect it is northeast of Texas. I will stop at Sonnys, I will buy King Syrup and will eventually acquire several […]

The world keeps turning


Today the world got a little less tasty.  20 years ago when we moved to Texas there were a lot of things to get used to, new friends, new ways of saying things and new BBQ.

In Florida we were big Sonnys fans, it was our favorite BBQ.  But Sonny himself vowed not to […]

Spicy Shredded Chicken

OK, at the risk of becoming a recipe blog, I am posting another one, this time in a response from Sarah who upon her latest pilgrimage home discovered my spicy shredded chili chicken and has asked for the recipe to inflict on unsuspecting Aggies I did a quick check of the internets and found that […]

More Bread

I was asked by a fried to share a recipe I use to make flatbread, I though you might like to know too.

I got this from my favorite recipe site

PREP TIME 20 Min COOK TIME 10 Min READY IN 3 Hrs Original recipe yield 8 small loaves




I just had to through this one out there.  Cereal is a ubiquitous food in our house.  It is consumed 24 hrs a day.  It’s always a good time for cereal.  We have all kinds.  Linda is a traditionalist, sticks with the classics – Raisin Bran, Crispix, Rice Crispys maybe a little Cheerios  once […]