Travelogue – Florida Bound

One thing we did different this trip was change up when we got gas. Usually we get down to around a quarter of a tank then pull off and fill up. These stops may or may not coincide with a meal break. The reason we wanted to make a change is because on our default […]


” a movie, book, or illustrated lecture about the places visited and experiences encountered by a traveler”

The actual traveling part

We have been to Florida many times since we moved to Texas. We have visited most of the coasts (Gold, Space, Treasure, First, Emerald, even the Forgotten Coast) and of course we have gone […]

My she was yar . . .

In 1990 we moved from South Florida to Houston, by way of Pennsylvania, in a Honda Accord. With one infant, one toddler, two car seats, toys, bottles, diapers, the whole shebang. We drove from Boca Raton to York, PA and then from York to Houston. When I look back on this I cannot even […]


While working on my robotics project I ran into this. It’s called a Strnadbeest. A Strandbeest or “beach beast” is the work of Dutch artist/engineer Theo

Jansen. They are built out of PVC pipe and are powered by the wind. Sometimes they collect wind energy and store it in 2 liter soda bottles that are […]

Seaweed at the beach in Galveston

Every year seaweed comes rolling in from the gulf to wash up in piles on the beaches.  The brown seaweed is called Sargassum

and is actually a type of brown algae. It’s a pain for beach visitors and some fishermen but it’s important because of the habitat it provides.  There are lots of little […]

Marsh Redfish

It was about 46 degrees and really windy today, I had been out for a couple of hours with nothing to show for it except some wind burn. Then I found this guy, he made my day. After this one a few more found their way to my hook. Among fishermen this is what’s known […]

Cloud Streets

I saw something really wild while I was out fishing the other day.  It was early mooring and pretty calm and clear.  A dolphin was following me around like a stray puppy (but that is another story).  I noticed a big cloud bank heading my way, like when a storm rolls in.  It […]

There is someting I haven’t been telling you

I just told you about my new camera which I got a few weeks ago. Hey, how interesting is it to write a post saying I got a new camera but I don’t know what it does or if it’s any good? Once I used it for a while I was able to add some […]

Summer Kayak Fishing in Galveston

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to go fishing down in Galveston Bay. I took my kayak out on Sunday morning to a marsh off 8 mile road. It was a fantastic day, not too hot, a steady breeze and when I unloaded I was the only one there. I had never fished this […]

Fish Fetching Turtle

The past weekend Linda and I went fishing in Galveston Bay. We went early and it was a nice day, not too much wind. At one of our spots we saw something breaking the surface of the water, then disappear, then pop up again. As it got closer we could see it was a sea […]