Football at the office

Every year when football season rolls around the thought of no holds bared competition spreads throughout the cubbies in cubeland. Every would be quarterback and middle linebacker is out for blood. So naturally we turn to fantasy Football to keep the hair from getting too messed up.

The flavor we have been favoring for […]

Adding insult to injury

As we try to come up to speed and have people come to the site for the first time our hosting service goes down. 🙁

We use hosting and have used them for several years. They have been great. Their prices are not the lowest but their service is the best. Also we have not […]

Sorry about the sign in

I sent out a bunch of emails inviting people to sign up to post on this blog. It looked like all you had to do was give a user name and password. After further investigation I find out it is a full sign up process. I hate those.

Then to compound the problem every alphanumeric […]