A Texas Slam

  Things have been quiet around here because we have been on vacation.  We rented a beach house in Galveston.  We were there a whole week.  Katie flew down from College and Sarah and Greg stopped by as well.  Fishing was number one on the agenda, and fish we did.  We did surf fishing, wade fishing, kayak fishing and of course boat fishing.  During this fishing extravaganza we hit a major milestone.  It’s called a Texas Slam.  That is when the same angler catches a trout, a redfish and a flounder on the same outing.  Typically these three don’t hang out together and don’t go for their food the same way, so you have to move around a lot and figure out how to give em what they want.

I believe no one in our party has ever had a slam, but not for lack of trying.  I will give you 2 guesses who it was, and I can tell you it wasn’t Greg and it wasn’t me.  Yup, on her second trip in a kayak Katie was Texas slamming.  On her first trip the day before she caught plenty of fish too.  We took our yaks to Galveston Island State Park, one of my favorite places to kayak fish.  We used a combination of dead shrimp and plastic lures.  We caught a few fish on our paddle out past the marshes, then Katie found a redfish hangout.  We both pulled in a bunch of reads with the odd pinfish and croaker thrown in.  It was so much fun.

When things slowed down, we figured we should start heading in.  Katie had a flight to catch.  The wind was blowing hard against us so we took a couple of breaks on our way back.  On the last stop, we were bringing in our lines and Katie yelled “I got a fish!” at first she didn’t even know it was on her line.  This one felt different than the others.  Sure enough out popped a flounder to complete her trifecta.  The rest of the paddle in was much easier with the adrenalin burst of the recent accomplishment.


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