Stove – there’s an app for that


This is what you get when you mix an Android phone with a stove and add 10 years. It’s a very cool concept. Most industries (with the exception of car companies) don’t go to the trouble and expense of producing concepts to show the general public. Electrolux is showing some leadership putting things like this out there. They have other futuristic household designs on their site

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  • Hello. I like your blog.

    Your comments section for December 2010 is closed. I think it is the blog on the Texas City Dike. I noticed your aerial picture of the Texas City Dike. It belongs to an acquaintance of mine. He took the picture while flying his ultralight over the Dike. I contacted him in regards to using the picture for my website. He gave me permission under the Creative Commons copyright. All he asked is that I gave him personal credit for the picture and linked his website to it.

    I am sending you the link to his website. Maybe you could contact Robert and ask him for permission to use the photograph. I feel certain he would. Cheers and keep up the good work. I have lived near the Dike all my live and love fishing there. David