Say Hello to my Little Friend

Here's the Chip Apple Is Using to Stop You from Buying Cheap CablesGuess what?  Apple has launched a new version of it’s phone!  Oh, you already knew that?  Oh, you already have one?  Well, then I guess you know it has a different connector a digital connector, ooooohhh, aaaaaaaahhhh.  Did you also know that the cables with that connector have a proprietary chip in them?   Ahhh, I finally got one on you.  That’s right, the days of picking up a cheap knockoff cable made in China are over.  You will pay full Apple retail and like it.  Please sir, may I have another?

The folks at Gizmodo ripped apart one of the precious cables and found a fairly sophisticated chip.  Their speculation was that without it a similar cable would not power or charge the phone.  So keep this in mind when you see that almost-Apple cable at the mall kiosk or on ebay.  You can read the details at Gizmodo here.

Your thought your days of paying  ridiculous amounts of money for cables were over when Monster Cable was exposed.  Well, say hello to my little friend!

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