Talk about your major event

We had one.  Our oldest daughter Sarah, got married.  She married her college sweetheart, Greg.  I am happy/relieved to say we are 100% in favor of the union.  You would think most parents would have reservations of one kind or another about their future in-law or at the very least about the combination of their child with their chosen spouse.  Not us.

The wedding was a party.  There were 100+ friends and family in attendance.  We had it at a bar downtown.  It was a very cool place they had over 300 Tiffany lamps and old furniture, couches, tables and chairs.  It was just the right size for the party.  The food was from Los Cucos (our favorite Mexican restaurant), there was an open bar and a DJ.  Most importantly, everyone had fun including the bride and groom which isn’t always the case at a wedding.  Even people who thought having a wedding at a bar might be a little sketchy quickly changed their tune when things got underway.  We had several people tell us it was the best wedding they have ever been to.  Sarah and Greg did it all themselves and they did a great job.  Linda of course helped but she was strictly following orders not giving them.

The happy couple will be honeymooning in the Florida Keys.  It will be their first real vacation together.

OK, perfect spouse – check, fabulous wedding – check, dreamy honeymoon – check.  What’s left? . . . .  Building a life.  They have a good start, best of luck.



special photo credit – Patty Duvall

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