Cool new Camera

I got a fun new gadget.  My lovely bride bought us a Nikon AW100 which is a small waterproof camera.  Usually I am the one to purchase new electronic for the Christy family but this time Linda stepped up to the proverbial plate.

We spend a fair time around the water, boating, kayaking and hanging out on the beach.  These are tough environments for electronics.  We usually use our phone (thus the post about needing more rugged phones) or an old point and shoot camera.
Now we have a camera that can be dunked in the water (up to 30 feet), will weather the beach sand storms and survive being dropped.  We have started taking it everywhere.


The thing that really sets this one apart from other rugged cameras is its GPS.  Yup, GPS.  It marks each picture with a location so you can see where the pic was taken on a map.  Better than that, you can turn on “logging” which draws a line where you have been and show the pictures you have taken along the path.  Very cool.  You can even use Google Earth to see your path and pics.
I have used a similar feature on my phone and although it works, it isn’t as good and what the camera can do.  So far, I give the AW100 two thumbs up as a great vacation camera and an excellent addition to our electronics arsenal.  (we got the camo one because it was on sale)

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