There is someting I haven’t been telling you

I just told you about my new camera which I got a few weeks ago.  Hey, how interesting is it to write a post saying I got a new camera but I don’t know what it does or if it’s any good?  Once I used it for a while I was able to add some value beyond the marketing blurb written by Nikon about the camera.

Well there is something else I have been testing.  A new kayak.  All my other kayaks were used when I got them.  I think this is a good ideal for someone just starting out because they don’t know if they will really like it or not.  With a used one you often get accessories you would otherwise have to buy separately like a paddle and seat.  And it’s already scratched up so you won’t sweat the first oyster gouging.
My old war horse of a kayak the Malibu X-Factor has been in the shop twice being repaired (none of the damage my doing).  As I was adding a high tech fish measuring device (a piece of tape with a ruler on it), I noticed another crack, and then another, and then another.  They could be fixed and who knows how long I have been using it like that but it was time to move on.
I have attended almost every “demo day” that was offered by the kayak shops here in Houston for the last few years.  Even though I had one, then two boats of my own, I kept track of what was new and what I liked.  So, when I had to make a quick decision on which boat to get, I already knew what was on the top of my list.  A 2013 Wilderness Systems Ride 135 . . . . in mango.
I ordered from my favorite kayak retailer – ACK, the Angler Addition and the rudder which comes with 2 built in rod holders, and extra movable rod holder up front and an anchor.  However, they shipped me the regular addition which was just the boat plus the rudder.  I called them up and they refunded the difference and shipping as a we’re sorry gesture.  Now I have/get to outfit the boat exactly as I want it.  I would have been happy with the stock angler rigging but I also knew I could improve upon it given the chance.  Well, I have that chance and have been struggling with all the possibilities.
BUT, the boat itself is fantastic.  I love it.  It paddles great, doesn’t feel tippy, has plenty of room and a comfortable seat.  It also looks fabulous.  The only down side seems to be that it’s HEAVY.  It was also very cool having a kayak delivered by 18 wheeler.
Soon I will get up the nerve to make my final rod holder accessory decision and drill and cut into my new boat.  See you on the water, I will be the one in the new Ride.

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