Future Technology Alert

I want to show you something that I think is not only very very cool but something that will change things from movies to theme park rides to advertisements.  To simplify what is going on here there are robots, screens, a projector and the software that runs the whole shebang.  It’s important to note that if you were standing in the studio where this was recorded you would see the exact same thing, no “post production tricks”.  In fact, I have read that it is even more impressive in person.  The synchronization and precision that the combination of digitally controlled robots, projected images and camera positioning (the camera is also moved and operated by a robot) is stunning.

I an see the company putting this stuff together Bot & Dolly being the next ILM (Industrial Light and Magic).  This stuff makes what is real and what we think is real even blurrier than it already is.  They have been involved in other efforts like commercials you may have seen.

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