Summer is almost upon us. One way to tell is by all the kids going to summer school. Speaking of Summer School, Sarah is one of the many collegians flocking to the local junior collage to catch up on some classes. She is in a math class this semester. I saw her working on her homework and thought “I’m a smart guy, I went to college . . . I think I will share some wisdom”

She showed me one of the practice problems (geometry no less!). I didn’t have to think twice. Although it’s been 47 years since I had a math class, it all came back to me.

click on the little picture to see the problem (and the answer!)

Sarah wasn’t impressed. I guess they are doing the new math these days. Go figure.

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  • Linda

    You are just as smart to me as you were 47 years ago. I don’t think I could find x without you.