Happy Birthday SARAH !

19 years ago Linda spent 12 hours trying to get Sarah to come out of her . . . . shell. That would be the last time any effort would be spent on that task. From day 1 Sarah was a sparkler anyone could see it. Walking at 8 months, stealing the show at dance recitals and advising guidance councilors. A sparkler, if someone were to miss that fact by accident either Linda or Sarah would set them straight.
Through the years she excelled at most things. Today she is excelling at being a first year college student, acing Sorority 101 and 102, blowing up the social undergraduate requirements and getting straight As in leaving home.
Happy birthday Sarah you sparkler you. We are proud of you and wish you the best.

5 comments to Happy Birthday SARAH !

  • Mom

    Happy Birthday Sweetie. Remember I love you. I wouldn’t spray perfectly good tap shoes gold for anyone but you!

  • In case you were wondering – that is the Spunky the Monkey routine and outfit.

  • frannie

    Happy Birthday Sarah!!!
    I can’t beilieve you are almost finished with your first year of college!
    Watch out, time flies!
    Just look at your picture. That was just a couple years ago, wasn’t it?

  • julie

    HOW ADORABLE!!!!!!
    This picture is great! I never thought of spraying shoes—I’ll have to keep that in mind, great idea. I hope you guys are doing well. Has Katie had any additional trips???? Hi Katie! Have a great week and weekend everyone! Hope you are feeling better Patty.

  • Linda

    Hi Julie!

    You know, your girls could also be featured on THECHRISTYS.NET. Just send Bob a picture when you want. Then they can go online and see themselves.

    Oh, and I never thought of spraying tap shoes either. Sarah almost wasn’t in the recital because I didn’t was to spray $35 shoes gold. I had no idea it was just the beginning!