Spring Break – the Family part deux

Our travels took us to New York city on Thursday where we visited the Juilliard School which we liked very much. That evening we stayed in Princeton NJ with my sister Michelle who we also like very much.
That was the day the weather changed. We went from 60s and 70s to 30s and 40s with rain turning to snow. The girl above saw it coming.

3 comments to Spring Break – the Family part deux

  • Julie

    Incredible photography!!
    I guess the camera really does add 5lbs……..wish she would have warned us about the weather.

  • Julie

    I really can’t beleive this girl didn’t warn you of the weather….I mean….she had an ASSOME view…BUTT…in heinysight,
    (oops-i mean hindsight),she might be shy or rearserved.

  • Linda

    Julie – You are hilarious! Yes, you really are your mother. Bob should make you a contributing editor and rename the website

    Now how is that for an Italian/Irish mix?