Birth of a Logo

We have recently started a new business.  We filled out, filed adn paid for all the forms and processes you need to register your business.  There is not a lot of fun or creativity in that except the part where you need to choose a name for your new company.

Now that all that is out of the way what’s next?  OK, perhaps I should backup just a little.  First you need to have a business idea, a product that people will want.  I kind of skipped over that part.  So come up with an idea that has a good chance to at least support itself.

OK, you have a good idea, you have your name and you have given the government what they require.  Now what?  You need a logo of course!  You could pull out your favorite Microsoft application and type in your company name with a truly thrilling font and call it done.  But it’s missing something . . . I know . . . clip-art!

You have your fabulous company name written in your thrilling font with 2 disembodied hands holding on to each other.  One look at this will have customers beating down your door.  Or not.  Hmmm, it does look a little cheesy.  Perhaps if I make the letters different colors?  No.  What about using real pictures of hands shaking?  Eww, kind of creepy.  Gee willikers, what’s an entrepreneur to do?

What you need my friend is a Graphic Designer.  They have worked with text and graphics and figured out some combinations that won’t give folks the heebee-jeebees.  In fact, some of it looks pretty good!  These guys are all over the place but of course there’s never one around when you need one unless you know where to look.  One place to look is  There is a whole nest of them there (more on that in another post).  You offer them some money and they give you some logos that don’t suck.  You pick the best one, release the funds to your new best friend designer and in return you get something that could go on a business card or web site that won’t make people squeamish.  Here is mine.





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