Happy Birthday Kim

My little sister all rev’ed up at Disney World. They actually let kids run around in boats with outboard motors, can you believe it?. ¬†Phyllis wasn’t too sure about it either.

Kim and Phyllis at Disney

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  • Thom Lawrence

    Back in the day, when going to Disney was relatively cheap($5.75 for admission plus 3 E’s, 2 D’2 and one C and B and A tickets for the more lame rides)and we went about once a month, we would actually leave the Magic Kingdom specifically to rent the boats at the Contemporary. Good times, especially in March when the weather was cold. Of course, Space Mountain and Pirates and the roller coasters in Frontierland did not exist yet.

  • theChristys

    Yes, we went for the first time the year it opened. There was noting like it in the world. I don’t think there has been anything since that has been more of a game changer in the travel/vacation world.

  • Thom Lawrence

    Charles and I were in the 1076-piece band at the opening in October 1971, playing 76 Trombones directed by Meredith Wilson. (There were actually 82 trombones playing, I was one of them.)