My BristleBot is dead

He’s NOT dead Jim

Long live BristleBot!

During our next meeting I vowed to breath life into all those “broken” bots.  In the mean time, Those with working bots would compete int he BristleBot Olympics racing through a cardboard maze, bouncing off plastic pylons, spinning across the finish line.

Back at the 4077, dead batteries magically came to life when both leads came in contact with said nickel size power supply.  Kaput motors whirled into action when both leads came into contact with the nickel size power supply (are you sensing a trend?)  Tape with less staying power than a cat being offered its first bubble bath was replaced with fresh new un-squished un- molested tape allowing . . . . you guessed it  . . . both leads to come in contact with the nickel size power supply.  The over zealous wire pullers were admonished and given a new motor from my private stash.

Most roboteers had their first electric motor powered vehicle.  Lessons were learned by both teacher and student.  Sleep well my roboteers for next week we PROGRAM!

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