Cool Babys

coolbaby3You know those people who get their haver on while staggering out of the convenience store parking lot?  Cylindrical paper bag in hand.  Yes we have all sat in judgment.  What if we just want to have a little public adult beverage consumption without all the added judgment?  At last there is Cool Baby.  It’s a baby shaped koozie that will have even the most righteous reformed alcoholic saying Aawwwwww when they see you sucking your MD20 through your baby’s head.

You can’t by Cool Baby in stores, at least not yet.  You need to back the brilliant/twisted individuals on KickStarter so they can bring this product to market.  Speaking of twisted, this is perhaps the most twisted product promotion video I have ever seen.  So much so that I am making it a link instead of embedding it on my site.  View at your own peril  Cool Baby  Promotion Video


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