Moving up to the Big Time

As you all know, we are now Texas Aggies. We went to our first Texas A&M; football game with a couple of our friends who happen to be A&M; graduates.

We had (free) seats on the 50 yard line, a parking pass in the front row, a patsy of an opponent, and an invite to hang out in the suites (luxury boxes) with the other big time Aggies

The adult refreshments were flowing freely. The A&M; mascot, a dog named Reveille (who is the highest ranking member of the Corps of Cadets) makes the rounds to all the boxes at halftime. Then the Governor (an A&M; alum) stops by to press the flesh. This gives you some idea of the pecking order at A&M.;

A quick note about the guy who invited us up to his suite – Sterling Braswell, and academic at A&M; is also the author of American Meth: A history of the Methamphetamine Epidemic in America. Half history lesson half autobiography, he apparently was married to a meth addict/dealer unbeknownst to him (at least till the FBI called). Here is a LINK to find out more.

3 comments to Moving up to the Big Time

  • frannie

    How’s the coed doing?

  • Linda

    Frannie – She is doing GREAT! She loves A&M;, she loves her sorority, she loves College Staion and she even likes her classes. She couldn’t be having a better time. We are very happy for her. Now all we need to do is talk Katie out of going to school in NYC and we will be set.

    P.S. The orchestra is playing in Chicago Symphony Hall this spring, want to come?

  • frannie

    Zac loves Fordham! But don’t tell Katie, Also, Keith’s college roommate is at NYU Dental School and he loves the city too. Again, don’t tell her.
    Seriously, it really works because they are both just over an hour away from home. That is what makes it geographically desireable
    and easy on everyone.