New hardware!

I love the smell of new hardware in the morning . . . and the afternoon . . . and the night. We’ll just say I love new hardware.

Our latest acquisition is a new notebook for Sarah for her academic pursuits in Collage Station.

It is a HP dv2000 with all the goodies. I slaved over the product configurator for hours, even days coming up with the perfect balance of cool-power-value. One of the cool features is the case. It uses some kind of “inlay” process to get this silver swirling pattern in the shiny plastic/metal-like substance. Click on the picture to get a better look.

I am not sure I should let Sarah take it, at least not right away. Perhaps it should spend some time with me so it can be properly broken in and appreciated before it is released into the harsh environment which is collage. Yeaaaaaah that’s the ticket!

6 comments to New hardware!

  • frannie

    She’s a lucky girl!
    When does she leave to wow the professors with her amazing mind?!!

  • I am not sure exactly when the first professor will be wowed, but she moves in to her dorm room Aug 20th. They basically have a week to get involved in all the clubs and groups. She is planing on joining a sorority and she will use that week to figure out which one.

  • Stu

    We in the Notebook GBU called that “shiny” stuff IML or In-mold Lamination

  • Stu

    Hey, speaking of new HW. I was about to go by Chrome Hounds and come over to play it on your 360, but it got some pretty bad reviews. Now I am not sure I need to sink $60 on the game to subsequently follow up with $399 on the 360.

  • Is it possible to rent? You can get ti for less on ebay and i have seen the prices of the 360 start to fall

  • frannie