Something to think about

OK, so no one guess the name of that cartoon dog. It’s from Bugs Bunny, he is Marvin the Martians dog, K-9.

Now if you didn’t know it was related to Bugs Bunny or Marvin but you really wanted to know who he was, how would you have found out? Searched the internet for it? Cartoon dog?

One of the next important developments in internet search will be (should be) searching on pictures, graphics and symbols. You would be surprised how often you would use it. Right click on a picture and get back information on who was in the picture, when and where it was, maybe the context of what was going on at the time, links to related pictures, news articles or web sites that used that picture . . . . on and on.

Back in the day, the internet was only text. Only academics and government types used it, then the graphical browser was invented and the WWW was born. People besides researchers and defense experts saw the value and joined in. To make another jump applications (including search) need to work with images (still or moving) and audio the same way they do with text. It’s something to think about.

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