On the road again

Katie and her bass (it’s not a fish Keith) travel to Texas Tech Univ. in Lubbock Tx. for a Jazz camp and Linda and I get to drive her.

For youse guys up in New Jersey, this little trek halfway across the state of Texas is like driving from Cape May to Newark and back twice. And since we will be coming right back the next day, that would be 8 trips between Cape May and Newark this weekend!

For our driving pleasure we will be listening to The DiVinci Code. Linda and I have already read the book and seen the movie but the audio books really help pass the time in the car. This one is only 16 hrs so we will need another one for the pickup trip.

We only listen the the unabridged versions of books. When we have a really long hall I threaten to break out the nuclear option – the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. This massive collection spans 56 CDs. By the time we finish it we are all speaking middle English like elves and hobbits and need to buy new tires for the car. You should try it!

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