His name is – Joey

While enduring my 14th week of agony with Time Warner I got a call from “Joey”. A man, soon to become a legend. He spoke like a normal person (not the usual TW torture artists). He asked simple PERTINENT questions. Within 60 seconds we had a Mr. Spock mindmeld going. 13.6 seconds later we had discovered the problem. 5 minutes after that it was solved.

It seems that unbeknownst to me, my service had been downgraded to a “lite” high speed service. Something like a really fast turtle. I wasn’t even aware such a useless service existed much less that I had been crippled by this “service” on purpose. Joey clicked the regular service button on his system then put in a special code that gave us the regular service at the lite price for a year.

He shall be called Joey. He gave me his email address. He gave me his cell phone number. He probably won’t last the month.

p.s. Stu, thatnks for the tip on the Director

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