Top 5 reasons Christmas was a success this year

For Linda, it’s all about the snuggles, so she has a new down comforter for her bed. As an added bonus, it came in this great box with a lid and a bow tied around it- just like you see on TV
For Sarah the fashion accessory/gadget/communication device de rigor is the Motorola Razr. This sleek cell phone tour de force has it all, and she knows how to use it.
And our budding mucisian can’t live without her tunes. Katie got the 4GB iPod Nano. This thing is thiner than your average wallet after Christmas, has a color screen and pegs the cool meter at 11
For the handyman we have a mitre saw. After borrowing one for several weeks for the various home projects, I have proven myself worthy of my very own. I guess that means more home projects.

Our #1 give was our TV, it is amazing. The picture is the best I have ever seen ANYWHERE. We now get the high definition channels and the difference is like music from a CD instead of an AM radio.

2 comments to Top 5 reasons Christmas was a success this year

  • Stu

    So you got Sarah a Razr huh! I bet she loved it. an iPOD Nano is not too shabby either. Glad to hear you like the TV. I got a 400 DVD changer. Pretty nice. Has an HDMI out 🙂

  • julie

    Sounds like a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS was had by all! We were pretty spoiled here too–very blessed I should say! Until later…..