I have the POWER

Enough about whimppy culinary tricks.  Let me tell you about the awsome power that I have aquired in the latest technology.

In the computer gaming world, I had slowly morphed from one of the jocks on the beach to the guy who got sand kicked in his face and suffered as other players stole his health packs.

My CPU had only 2 slow processors, my graphics card a woefully inadequate number of stream processors, memory? – entry level DDR2

But now!  I have an Intel i5 CPU with 4 (count’em – 4) speedy processors ready to jump into turbo mode at a micro seconds notice.  That’s not all.  My GPU (that’s a graphics card for all you computer wimps out there) has 800 Stream Processing Units and 1GB of memory running so fast it needs it’s own fan to keep it from bursting into flames.  System memory?  Glad you asked – DDR3 thats 50% more DDR than before.

Yes, when I turn this beast on there a slight ripple in the time-space continuum and I turn up my graphics to 11

If you see me online, I won’t kick sand in your face (I know what that is like), but watch your health pack.  Hey – someone get me a volleyball.

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