Football at the office

Every year when football season rolls around the thought of no holds bared competition spreads throughout the cubbies in cubeland. Every would be quarterback and middle linebacker is out for blood. So naturally we turn to fantasy Football to keep the hair from getting too messed up.

The flavor we have been favoring for the past couple of seasons is called “Survivor”. Our league is run by yours truly and called The ThunderPants Survivor League. The rules are simple, pick one team that will win that week, if you are right you move to next week. You can only pick each team once. Last one still playing gets the money and your start a new round the following week. Simple, right?

It is not unusual for everyone to be out after the 4th week, so we just start another round. This simple game provides all the trash talking – name calling – intellect questioning grist for a good office environment during football season. You should give it a try!

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