One Ring to Rule them All

Before I expand on Linda and my Lewis & Clark like expedition, I have more urgent news to report. It was Ring Day in Aggieland yesterday. This is the day the seniors who have completed 95 hrs by ordering deadline get to pick up their ultimate symbol of Aggie pride – their Aggie Ring.

Sarah and Greg were among the 3000 students who gathered around the great ring like the squezzy aliens in Toy Story waiting to be “chosen”. Actually, they waited in line at 6am just to get and appointment to pick up their ring.

For those outlanders among us who have never been to College Station – this is a BIG DEAL, I have seen less excitement at graduation ceremonies. Parents, strollers and grand parents created an maroon mob that produced smiles, congratulations and digital cameras in every direction.

Congratulations Sarah and Greg – now for that final offensive to that diploma!

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