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One of my offspring chided me about not having more visual evidence of our NW coast adventure. I attempted to create a really slick slideshow, I have very specific requirements – know what? It’s a huge undertaking and next to impossible in this fast moving blogosphere. Oh sure, i could crank one out in about 6 min but not one like Cecil B DeChristy has envisioned.

So, you get the standard Google photo album, with no narration, no animations, and no humorously enlightening slides. But just like the lunar landing – it really did happen, click below for a smattering of vacation habeas corpus. I did manage to work in one special feature, the photos are mapped so you can see where in the world Waldo took the particular shot.

*Make sure you catch the one of Linda getting a kiss from Tom Selleck

2 comments to and now back to our show

  • Katiebird

    that looks so pretty, i want to go! I liked the bass in the garden! and the swirling clouds over that mountain, and the rocks! so awesome. I didn't see tom selleck, i dont know who that is…OH and the one on the path with the circle light with the trees, you should put that one on flickr =P i miss youz guys, been up north for too long

  • Thom

    Beautiful, but chilly; you had nice weather. And not one, but two beer tastings; my hero. Victoria is beautiful. I recognize the Seattle houseboats; the park to the north, on the water, with the old gas works and small hill. The small hill is a closed landfill. (Trained eye.)

    Don't know Tom Selleck? Gaack!