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Today I have not one, but two pieces of monkey related news for you.monkey

  1. The Arctic Monkeys, not the ones from the southern hemisphere, the ones from High Green England.  The band is a little British pop, a  generous helping of British punk mixed with a level of energy that can only be maintained by angry 20 somethings or chemically produced, or both.  They will be coming to Houston to the House of Blues October 3rd.  Linda and I will be joining friends of ours for a lovely evening of slam dancing and disorderly conduct.  We will probably have to tell the bouncers we are one of the band members parents to get in.
  2. Media Monkey – I know what you are thinking.  Anyone that has all of the Arctic Monkey’s albums and 5 different versions of Wayne Newton’s Danke Schoen must have a fabulous music library manager.  I do!  It’s called Media Monkey and i have extolled it’s virtues on this blog before.  I found a hidden but extremely useful feature.  If you have ever put together the perfect play list, burned the mp3s to disk, then popped that disk into someone’s mp3 player (like in a car) and shrieked in disappointment when the player proceeded to totally disregard your meticulous masterpiece and just play the songs in alphabetical order, then this tip is for you.

a. Build your playlist, selecting the perfect sequence of songs.

b. Create an empty temp directory on your hard drive

c. Select/highlight all your songs in your playlist

d. Right click on the highlighted list and choose “Auto organize files”

e. For the destination choose the temp folder you just made, this will move a copy of the songs in your  playlist into that temp directory, the originals will be untouched

f. Next, click the configure button, the key field you want in the first position is    I use this configuration

g. then press OK

what you end up with is something like this;

001 Arctic Monkeys – The Bad Thing.mp3

002 Arctic Monkeys – Old Yellow Bricks.mp3

and so on. 

h. Use the files in your temp directory to burn your CD, now when you play your mp3 CD everyone will be able to bask in your music compilation genius.

You can delete the files in your temp directory, their work is done.  If you are still reading at this point I double dog DARE you to click on the Wayne Newton link above!

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  • Sarahcakes

    This happened to me when I made Greg's MP3 CD! I just thought I must have forgotten to save it or something. If they're not properly shuffled, I know he skips over entire artists.

    I guess it won't be an issue again!

    And because I make MP3 CDs for myself these days.

    Thanks Dad.