Milestone 148.5


So, let’s review.  Sarah’s existing system was a very high end (at least in 2002) Rockford Fosgate outfit, 6 speakers, sub woofer in the trunk, external amplifier and after the CD player went belly up – AM and FM only.  They make small modules that plug in between the head unit and the antenna that have a little jack on them letting you plug in a MP3 player or anything else with a headphone jack.  The sound is pretty good.
BUT . . . a new head unit can play AM-FM-CD-MP3, has one of those jacks that you can connect anything to AND a USB connector.  Did that last one slip by you?  Yes, a USB connector, like the ones on your laptop or desktop.  With one of those on your unit you can plug in any “thumb drive” or USB memory stick” with music on it and the system will play it.  But that’s not all!  If you act now . . . you can plug your iPod into it and not only play music from it, but control the iPod from the head unit as well!  Operators are standing by.
Now the difference between the simple add on jack and the miracle of modern audio was about $50*.   The gravitational force emitted from such a slick piece of gadgetry simply overpowered any chance the little add-on jack ever had, and it was only $50* more.  So it was set, audio extravaganza – 1 sensible accessory – nil.
With a few expertly worded Google searches, I knew the model and best price available.  In fact by bargain sleuthing skills were so Austin Powers the difference between the standalone jack and my new head unit was down to about $38**.  I also found out that i probably would have to buy some other parts.  Looks like I will need a wiring harness and a replacement face plate.  OK – I can do that.  Now lets see, I have a 2002 Nissan Sentra, which one?  Is the dash metallic, stone or grey?  Is it a 95+ Nissan or later or is it 2000+ Sentra, Altima, Maxima?  I could go on – in fact I did but we are friends so I will stop here because you get the idea.
With parts in hand I was slightly shaken by installation part choices I had to make but I was still confident.  I spread everything out on the table like a general preparing for battle.  I read all the manuals.  On the little plastic baggie that contained the wiring harness there was a warning “not for use with factory amplified systems, call tech support . . .”   Hmmm   I called support, I talked to Ogilvy, he said “you should be OK as long as your head unit doesn’t say Bose or Rockford Fosgate”  I asked what to do if you did have one of those systems?  He said “I can’t help you, we don’t make a part that fits those”

It’s not over.

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