. . . 4 more years! . . . 4 more years! . . .

Yes friends, it’s been 4 years since we started this blog. It seems like only 2005. It wasn’t my first foray into narcissistic publishing, but it has been the most long lived. The inaugural post showed a slightly chilly family standing on the top of Pikes Peak in July of 05. As I sit here in Houston this summer, I wonder if I have been chilly since then – I can’t remember.

Many of you have crafted your own cyber-presence on blogs, MySpace, FaceBook and one of you who shall remain nameless, posted that video of yourself on YouTube of your own music video lip syncing “She works hard for the money”. You all know that you approach the task of maintaining your cyber-presence with a range of emotions that goes somewhere from dentist-drilling-dread to exuberant exhibitionism.print

Low points are times when you post a particularly insightful or witty mini masterpiece and no one seems to notice. On the other side of the coin, I have talked to people who I didn’t know (a friend of a friend) who have told me they enjoy reading my posts. Blogging is like a box of chocolates.

Blogging isn’t cool anymore, it’s kind of old fashion. I suspect it will eventually evolve into micro versions of online newspapers and magazines, or maybe just the equivalent of columns and photo essays. We will see. If you are reading this – thanks. I have to imagine I am virtually talking to someone. If your not, well, don’t tell me.

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