Florida Fun


We had an increasingly rare opportunity to get together as a family for a summer vacation this year.  As the kids have their own commitments and agendas and Linda has her vacation days dictated to her from her employer the lining up of stars and calendar become difficult.

This year, we knew in advance that we all wanted to go to Leanne’s wedding, so our planning had a head start. By the way, there was another party involved.  In my previous message I failed to mention the groom and his family.  Sorry MIKE GORMAN and family!

Map picture

We decided to go a little early for a little R&R; on the Emerald Coast (that’s the Florida panhandle for you Yankees).  We rented a condo in Miramar Beach which is right next to Destin.  We sunned, swimmed, shopped and fished.  It was great.  Here are some pics for your vicarious viewing pleasure.

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