Big Happenings

This past weekend my niece Leanne got married! It was quite the production and I think it came off great. They had it in Gator country (Gainesville FL) but don’t hold that against them. We just got back from our 15 hour drive so I am not at my creative best, but I wanted to upload some of the pics. Don’t worry, there was a real photographer there to get the good pictures.

You can get to our Picasa online albums HERE, or you can use the window below

2 comments to Big Happenings

  • I want to thank Stu for lending me his lens. It makes a big difference in the kind of shots you can get. It was nice to see our family again. I guess we just witnessed it getting bigger! Mazel Tov!

  • Patty

    The pictures are fabulous. Thanks Stu for the loan of the camera. Thanks Bob for taking the pictures. Thanks to all the Christys for making the day more special by being there!