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Yes, Kwai Chang Caine has moved on to the next spiritual level (once they got him down from his hotel room closet).  David Carradine star of the TV series Kung Fu which spawned a million living room martial arts demonstrations on little, and not so little, brothers and sisters, is dead at 72.

I have to confess – I loved that show, that guy could live on dirt, go on acid trips at will and move his hands faster than a speeding bullet (remember the one with the plow?).  Man, he was tough.  He never got the girl, not because they didn’t want him but because he was above that sort of thing. Just him and his flute.

When you are a kid or spend more time watching TV than sleeping, you think the people are really like they are on TV, then you see one of those pseudo-documentaries about them and your illusions are crushed forever or at least until the next True Hollywood Story.

They way I figure it, he has probably paid for most of his bad choices.  Why?  How many times do you think some mental midget has come up to him with a stone in his hand and challenged him to . . . .

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