Dearth Day


Our planet and mother nature, the most powerful force in our world and a painfully delicate flower all at the same time.  The things I read in the paper an magazines make me wonder if the general populace has a clue.  I am not going to get into the whole global warming thing, like any topic of any merit there are two sides and many ways of looking at the issue.  No, this rant has to do with the motherearthridicules “green” initiatives.  There is NOTHING that can’t be claimed as green – even red.  All you need are some buzz words and a complete lack (dearth) of a reality check, both of which are extremely easy to come by today.  “Buy this belt made of 100% organic sphagnum moss and save the earth”.  “Don’t through away those old cereal boxes! fill them with dirt and make them into bookends!”  Save the earth every little bit helps.  It’s like walking up to the president and telling him you are going to save his life . . . . by changing his pillowcase.  Every little bit helps!  Of course these sagely words are printed on shiny chemical coated magazine pages with a shelf life of 1 month and a half life of 26 years, how green is that?    I shouldn’t be so hard on the media, I heard to do their part in saving the earth they are now printing 50% less facts and moving to totally organic opinions.

Here is a loaded question for you;

We have all heard about the dreaded greenhouse gas methane (no I am not going to talk about cow . . . excretions).  Landfills, coal mining, gasoline production and rice paddies – which one produces the most methane?  We certainly hear a lot about 3 of these nasty producers – no dearth of information there right?  You see where this is going.  Yes – it’s those planet wrecking tiny grains of goodness that are ruining our world.  In fact rice paddies produce more methane than landfills, coal mining and gas production combined.  Obviously the Chinese are behind this cover-up.  OK, I can’t hold it anymore, termites and cow farts produce more methane then landfills, coal mining and gas production combined too – the wasp union (they eat termites) must run the media.

Is this an isolated example of the dearth of real information?  Not even close.  People like pre-chewed bits they can swallow whole and other people like giving it to them.  It makes both groups happy.  Don’t get me wrong, I think there are plenty of things we could improve on as far as our environment goes.  How about litter?  I know it’s not grandiose and it won’t save us from certain doom but wouldn’t our neighborhoods and places where we live and work be better off without half eaten KFC dinners laying in the parking lot or abandoned mattresses along the side of the road?  I would rather see that kind of help for our environment then hemp underwear.

So friends, the next time you are being told to save the environment with the green vegetable peeler (because it is designed to peel organic vegetables) ask yourself, is this really what mother earth needs or should I just put my gum wrapper in my pocket and wait to find a trash can instead of throwing it out the car window?  I’m just saying.

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