It seemed like a good idea at the time

You know the feeling, in your head the image and scenario you quickly worked out seemed . . . almost, perfect to you. Go for it!

Sometimes the intoxication of the moment allows you to maintain your self deception for far longer that it should. Sometimes common sense starts to stalk you like the maniac in the attic in those Horror movies. And when common sense gets you around the throat, you get the same feeling as the girl on the phone in the movies.
And yet other times you execute the “good idea” and move on before prudence and self preservation ever knew you left. Then, sometimes years later, the good idea is revisited, maybe a story or returning to the scene of the crime or even a picture. An the ton of bricks falls on you and the only phrase you can think of is “what the hell was I thinking”. And if you are a parent you are pretty sure your offspring are going to go down that same slip-n-slide. What the hell was I thinking?

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