Fried Beer

Fried-Beer Yes, that’s what I said – fried beer.  You have (almost) seen all the things that they fry at state fairs, Twinkies, Oreos, candy bars, the list goes on and on.  Every year it gets harder to grab the fried headlines.  Indiana has been the epicenter of the “fry the most outrageous thing you can” movement.  Of course other State Fairs aren’t content to fry last years Indiana’s batter dipped leftovers, they search for their own heart stopping concoctions.  This years entry in one-upmanship comes from Texas.  Fried Beer.  I am not sure if you are supposed to eat it hot or cold  The fried beer concession stole the thunder from the fried Frito pie vendor just down the midway.

Of course to truly enjoy your fried beer you would need to combine it with with a fried cigarette (i am not making this up) from . . . . you guessed it, the Indiana State Fair.

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