The List – 1970 – 1979

Back by popular demand, another music challenge. Pull out your Walkman and sharpen your pencil, we are working on a new list.

50 top songs of the 70s

10 most important or influential songs of the 70s
10 songs that scream “this is the 70s!” or epitomize the 70s musically
10 songs that are better now than they were in the 70s (the original is preferred but remakes are OK)
Your 20 favorite 70s songs

Bonus Picks:
What year had the best music in the 70s?
What was the best album of the 70s?

The Rules
o A song can only appear in one of the lists above with the exception of your 20 favorite songs (the ones in that list could overlap with the first 3 10 song compilations)
o The song had to be released between Jan 01, 1970 and Dec 31, 1979
o The songs can be from ANY genre
o We are ranking SONGS from the 70s not artists
o Each list should be in order (“they are all good how can I pick” will bring you mockery and shame)

The proposed deadline is November 1st when we will all meet to discus the anticipated errors in judgment and lack of musical taste. If you can’t be here in person you can email us the list. I can post them on the site.

PS not everyone looked like the groovy brother above. Stuart for example was still working on his groove in the 70s


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