Is that what I ordered?

Every marketer wants to show their product in the best light.  In Japan they often have plastic models of the food they serve in a restaurant.  When you walk by you can see what the offer


without picking up a menu.  And for the most part, except for a little plastic sheen, the food is pretty close to the inedible stand-in in the window.  Here in the use we don’t have 3 dimensional models (yet) but we have glorious food glamour shots.  Just like the ones you used to get at the mall, those glamour shots may not be an honest representation of the actual . . . product.

Some years ago, McDonalds got in trouble for their box in which they sold their cherry pies.  The box was covered in cherries with a golden brown pie shell peeking out.  It turned out that the pies had something like 1 1/2 cherries in them and they had to change their box.  I like fast food sometimes, and I can’t say I am ever surprised when I see what’s inside my recycled cardboard box, I don’t really expect the pretty picture on the menu.  We just assume everyone who deals with the public bends the truth to their agenda until it gives up and drowns it’s sorrows in soothing but refreshing cup of ginseng – ginkgo tea

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