TV Hat – it’s for real

watching tropical island pictures

For all you iPhone/iPod users out there have we got a product for YOU!  All that daylight getting you down?  Tired of actually holding your mobile device?  Looking to attract attention and make a statement?  Then the TV Hat is for you!

For $28 you too can watch YouTube clips in class and have both hands free to still take notes!  Next time you are on that tropical island with all that annoying sunshine messing with your Ricky Martin videos grab your TV Hat!  It matches your black bikini!  There are hundreds of uses, use it while you are cooking, doing household chores, or at the mall.

For those of you with an extra busy lifestyle, choose the feedbag option.  Dinner and a movie!

Is it safe?  You bet!  Your iPhone is securely fastened to your hat with high grade clear plastic.  There is a backup safety system in the form of your white ear-bud.  Not only do they tell the world that you have a cool iPhone in there, they act as an iPhone bungee if you unit ever slips out of the high grade clear plastic.

Get one for the kids because they are not obese enough.

Warning: when sleeping in your TV Hat the earphone bungee will not protect you from clear plastic slippage.  Also some states are considering telling people it’s not a good idea to watch too many videos while driving in some areas, but don’t worry the lobbyist will never let that happen.

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