You Take the Good with the Bad


Sean Connery was my favorite James Bond.  He is a man’s man.  Rugged good looks, a Scottish accent and an air of unpretentious confidence, Connery is good at playing the Alpha Male.   He is one of the most recognizable men in the world.  I bet he has had a pretty good life.  But . . . he has made some less than 007 career moves.

After making “Diamonds are Forever” a James Bond film he made Zardoz.  He wore a diaper with suspenders and kinky boots.  What was he thinking?  He didn’t jump at every role.  Some of his more notable passes were;

The Birds – Alfred Hitchcock

The Sound of Music (Captain Von Trapp)

Blade Runner

Die Hard: With a Vengeance – the bad guy

The Jackel

The Matrix series

The Lord of the Rings (Gandalf)

He did do the movie “The League of Extraordinary Gentleman” which was pretty bad.  When asked why he did it he said “I read the script for the Matrix and didn’t get it, I read the script for Lord of the Rings and didn’t get the bobbits (that’s what he called hobbits) and the next script he read was for The League”  He didn’t get that one as well but didn’t want to miss another blockbuster.

I bet you want to see Zardoz now don’t you?


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