Geek Humor

I usually spare you most of the techie, geeky puns I come across in my interweb travels.  I even skipped this one the first time I saw it, but it stood the test of time (I thought it was still funny a week later) so I could resist no more.
For those of you that only follow the Lindsey Lohan stories, there was a special round of the Game Show Jeopardy that pitted the top two winners in the show’s history against an IBM computer named Watson.  He is the contestant in the middle.  In the 3 episode match he trounced both his meatbag opponents.   Usually his display had a goofy little drawing of a face.  In this joke, you can’t see it well but the face is gone and there is a bunch of system code scrolling by . . . .   hehehe

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