How did they get here?

Marketing Guy: OK, our new catch phrase is “Wakes you up with every bite
Ad Guy: sounds great
Marketing Guy: I am thinking something edgy, something that will grab peoples attention
Ad Guy: Maybe something with a 60s mod feel, bright colors psychedelic background?
Marketing Guy:  Nah, not edgy enough, we need something that will grab the customer by the eyeballs and make them notice us!
Ad Guy: Sex always works
Marketing Guy: yeah, I was thinking we would use a girl, good looking but . . . different
Ad Guy:  I gotcha, edgy, good looking girl , different, grabs your eyeballs and makes you look.
Marketing Guy:  BINGO !
Marketing Guy:  and it CAN’T be anything that’s already been done
Ad Guy:  Got it.  how long do we have?
Marketing Guy: Guy, I need it by Friday, One of Billboards R Us’s lawyer customers died last week and we can have his 5 board package for half price if we can make the deadline.
We will only get one shot no chance for a bunch of concepts.
Make it happen.
I don’t have to tell you that Ad Girl has been stopping by here regularly . . .

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