How to make your mother cry

This looks like a pretty innocuous shot right? How could this make a mother cry?
Well . . . . . every since the kids started going to school, on the first day of school we would take their picture. They would be all dressed up in their age appropriate garb. We would have them stand in front of the TV in the living room and we would take several shots. The TV was like a yardstick, you could watch them grow. Even when they were way too cool teenagers we insisted we get the FDOS picture. We have a whole collection.
This morning was the first day of college for Katie. She had an 8:00 class. She got up, got her stuff together and rousted her roommate from bed and handed her her camera. Her dorm mate didn’t understand, “why can’t I just take your picture from in bed?” “Because we take the picture standing in front of the TV, that’s the way we do it” Katie replied.
She got her picture and she sent it to her mom.

2 comments to How to make your mother cry

  • Anonymous

    Linda, I have never commented on any of your “You might like to Know” but I had too. I am boo hooing myself. This was so precious of Katy, but would we expect anything but this from her? but…would it have been too much to ask if she had her Katie towel somewhere in the picture, on the shelf, over her shoulder, hung over the back of the chair…you know just for me??? jjk.. Looks like you and Bob have outdone all of us empty nesters in the parenting skills…I’m jealous! Take care, Devonne

  • Linda


    Katie and Kimmie promised to take a picture with the gorgeous towels you monogrammed for them! I think you could make some money selling them at UNT. You should open a monogram shop!

    Katie is truly loving it there. She goes non-stop from 8am to 10pm (the benefits of a double major), but never complains. The only downside is I think she may never come home! At least Hannah comes home!