RIP Good Eats

Like they say, all good things must come to an end.  Apparently that includes “Good Eats”.  Yes the food show on the Food Network after 12 years and 249 episodes is hanging up it’s tongs.  This was my favorite cooking show by far.

Alton Brown was (is) my kinda guy.  He was equal parts, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Jim Henson and Julia Child.  He seemed to care about what he did and when he talked about food he did more than just scratch the surface.

He did have his quirks.  He was a bit AR (anal retentive) when it came to some things, measuring by weight instead of cups, taking a cooler to the grocery store to maintain the temperature of your food +/- 3 degrees and raising your own fig tree so you could make sure you got the southern facing fruit (ok, I made that last part up but I wouldn’t put it past him).

His show took a hit when he decided to go on a severe diet.  Instead of shows about Beef Wellington and Banana Cream pie we were shown the best way to eat uncooked sardines (the answer: in olive oil).  He lost a few of us then.  He just recently had a show where he made lasagna!  Unfortunately there was no cheese in his lasagna.  I hear where you are coming from Alton but what’s next macaroni and cabbage juice?  Come to think of it, maybe it was time for the show to wrap it up.

He is a big star at the Food Network and I am sure he will surface again, if fact, I bet we see plenty of him even before his next show kicks off.  By the way, roomers about the new show are flying  – Vegans gone wild and 30 calorie meals are often mentioned.

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