Politics – Religion – Rock

What do these things have to do with each other? I will tell you. You don’t bring them up unless you are ready to go deep. People don’t take these things lightly. Case in point;

A few weeks ago I wanted to make a new CD to play in my car. I have a great MP3/CD disk changer in my car and I listen to a lot of music. I was in the mood for some “rock” so I started picking songs from my library and dragging them into a list. After about 20 songs I asked myself “how many should I pick?” 100 was a nice round number. One CD can easily hold that many MP3s. “Why not pick the best 100 rock songs?” And so it began.

I started filling my list. The next day I told a colleague at the office of my plan. We share many similar positions on music. He immediately fired a volley of questions about my selections and potential selections. As I tried to answer it became clear this was not as simple as it sounded. Gears were turning.

The next day, my friend at work announced he too was compiling a list of the 100 greatest rock songs. We decided to work independently. We discussed our venture with other cube dwellers, they were intrigued, another list was spawned. A date was set to review the lists over pizza and beer. Every day no conversation passed without mention of what was and wasn’t rock. Intellect was questioned, some aspects of one’s manhood were challenged. Lists were being honed.

We sat down together at my house over suds, slices, CDs, iPods and printouts. We compared lists. Initially the conversations went like this, “Oh, you put that song that high?, I have . . . in that position”. Then the talk moved to “so where is …. ? are you crazy?” then ” that sucks, that’s the kind of stuff my little sister listened to in 8th grade”, ” do you know what rock is?!?!?” Of course in the end everyone agreed that my list was clearly superior and asked if they could revise their list with some of my selections.

But that wasn’t the end of it. Since then I (and even Linda and the girls) mentioned our little endeavor to others. Sometimes it fell on deaf ears but sometimes you got back the Gatling gun of questions, “is … on it?” “can you have more than one song from the same artist?”, “what is your #1” “… has to be in the top 5″ and on and on.

So why am I telling you this? Because I am going to show you the list. That way when someone brings it up in polite conversation you can speak with authority that you have indeed seen the top 100 ROCK songs of all time. What was that? You had a question about one of my selections?

Top 100 ROCK songs

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  • TLawrence

    Good job. When you get the inevitable “why isn’t _ on the list?” or “why did you put this one by them on the list instead of that one?” then just invite the commmentor to make their own list, and let them see how hard it really is. What, no Grand Funk Railroad?

  • I could see my way clear to adding American Band, but what could I get rid of to make room? How is your list coming?

  • tlawrence

    Older than that, pre-pop. Like “Are You Ready” from their live album. (And then we get into the subjective area: I would have only 1 Guns N Roses, because I really do not like Axel’s voice.) My list, still in infancy. But the downloading is going mega-strong (almost 300) especially now that SpiralFrog has expanded its library.

  • dear mega-strong, this list is not a list of favorite songs, it is a list of SONGS that define ROCK. There are many songs on this list where I had to give it a slot because it earned it even though I like Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye better.

    Live songs – not so much

  • Stu

    OK, you know what a Rock music fan I am so I have to question your list with authority.

    I completely agree that the list should not be your favorites, but what defines good Rock music.

    Accordingly (and I happen to HATE these three songs), but I am wondering why the three songs below are not on your list. (I checked it twice so if it is there, I am sorry I missed it).

    The three that I am thinking of are:
    – Stairway to Heaven
    – Hotel California
    – The Wall

    As for what could come off…

    Jump – That almost boderlines on a fast Barry Manilow song

    Rock me Tonight – Did this guy even have another hit? I think this is really Gino Vanneli’s alter ego

    Anything U2 – Come on… was this one of those “my kid sister listened to this in Jr High”? The only think you left off that was a bit of doodlimg that says “U2 Rulez”

  • Stu, you clearly put some thought into this. I will give you the possibility of Stairway to Heaven, the last 25% rocks but the first 75% is slow dance music. Some would call it a ballad. I will admit some rock lists even have this song as #1

    Hotel California? – Jane you ignorant slut. Life in the fast lane? maaaaaybe Calling Hotel California rock is like saying Martin Sheen is presidential material

    The Wall – does have good rock potential but tends to drift to the psychedelic and “art rock” areas, this one is a judgement call

    You kept with the program until the end when you criticized a band choice instead of the song. It wasn’t even criticism it was just a lame comment. No points for editorial frivolity

  • sarahcakes

    For the record, I am pretty sure Jump made the list on nostalgia alone. Katie and I used to ROCK ourselfs right off the fireplace/coffee table.

  • Good for people to know.