The Fishers of Trout

You know what else we learned about having a boat?  Sometimes it better to go out on someone else’s!  This past weekend Katie, Greg and I went with Captain Rocky in search of the coveted saltwater Speckled Trout or Sea Trout.

We were up at dark-thirty and met our captain at the Texas City Dike.  We headed off towards Bollivar island.  We met up with 12-15 other boats with similar goals but lesser skills and/or persistence.  We had a slow start.  We were only catching small Black Tip sharks who were eating our expensive bait (thanks Greg).  As the wind picked up an the other boats started leaving we slowly started to catch our targeted species.  By the middle of the day all the boats had left and a few late-comers had also come and gone but we were still there and we were catching fish.

Every member of our team reeled them in.  When all was said and done we had caught about 10 sharks and 18 “Specs”  All the sharks were released and they took no fingers with them.  It was really nice to have someone else pick the spots, bait the hooks, manage the boat and clean up.  Our guide was good an I would recommend him to someone looking to catch trout.  In fact he headed up a boat the day before in a 47 boat tournament and he and his team took first place.  If you are interested I will give you the information, it is printed on my Capt. Rocky coozie he gave us as a parting gift.

We all caught the largest trout that any of us had ever caught.  It was a great day on the water.  A good time was had by all.

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