Houston we have Graduation

Well today , less than a month after Katie turned 18 she graduated from High School. She wore the green shinny lab coat with the square hat, marched across the stage and picked up her empty portfolio. It was all captured for posterity.

The atmosphere in the University of Houston basketball arena was somewhere between a NCAA final four game and Al Sharpton’s family reunion. But I must say, it came off without a hitch, which is saying something when you are handing out 600 fake diplomas in about 1.5 hrs.

We had a party last night with all the friends and neighbors we could muster to congratulate Katie on her matriculation. I thought it was one of the best parties we have ever hosted.

Another milestone reached as Linda and I prepare for the next phase of our lives – indentured servitude, as we funnel both of our offspring through the finest collegiate education system the State of Texas has to offer. Gods speed.

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