Party for the Bells

We had a little soiree for some friends of ours. They have been long-time friends and neighbors. They have 2 kids the same ages of ours who had also been friends since the first grade. Since there last name is Bell and ours is Christy our kids were often in the same school groups.

Anyhoo, almost 2 years ago Pat, the man Bell took a job in San Antonio. Their oldest child was in college but the younger was still in HS and they didn’t want to uproot him for his last year of school (by the way he is valedictorian of Katie’s class) so Teressa (the lady Bell) stayed with her son here in Houston while Pat commuted on weekends.

Graduation is coming up and thus the family Bell will be free to relocate to San Antonio. So we had a little party of close friends to say thanks and wish them luck. We will truly be diminished by their absence. Teresa has been president of about everything she has touched and has volunteered more hours than 3 mere mortal PTA members combined. Since 1st grade she has been listed as our emergency contact for the kids. They have her number programed in their phones to this day.

Best of luck Bells, if they new better, they would be having a party in San Antonio in your new neighborhood right now.

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  • Sarahcakes

    They have been my emergency contact up until I turned 18 and had to list my own parents. And even then I still somethimes put them down. I am pretty sure I learned their phone number when I learned my own. I still know it by heart. From Jet Stars to graduation!